AC Water Drop Solution

AC Water Drop Solution (37% off)

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The Fine Print

What’s Included?

  • Identification of the source of dripping water from your AC
  • Fixation water drainage system accordingly
  • A basic service needs to be provided as well
  • Check “Additional "Work scope” & “Price Excludes” Sections for the services that are not covered within this service

Price Includes

  • Only Service Charge

Price Excludes

  • Hanging Charge 400tk (If applicable for the outdoor unit)
  • Components/Materials or Parts (if used)
  • Transportation (if applicable)
  • Other services (if taken)

Additional Work Scope / What’s Excluded

  • Repair, Parts maintenance/replacement, and Overhaul are not included.
  • Warranty given by the manufacturer

Service Warranty

  • 7 Days Post Service Warranty


1. EMI applicable for any service greater than BDT 5,000

2. 7 days service warranty is given by

3. The prices declared may vary for some services depending on work scope, service/product availability, peak/off-peak hours etc.

4. will not be liable for any pre-existing issues/potential risks reported by the sPRO

5. If any customer is not interested in taking any service after the visit, then the only visiting charge is applicable.

How To Redeem?

Simply order a service by providing all necessary details ,address, contact number & payment information. Our customer service team will contact with you and Once you place an order, a professional & expert would be assigned from "Sheba" to provide you the best service by maintaining all safety.


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