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AVG Antivirus Review 2021: Something You Need to Know for Your Computer Safety

Oct 16, 2021 5:39 PM

Antivirus program detects and prevents viruses, spyware, ransomware, adware, and other harmful applications from infecting your computer and exposing your personal information. It can notify you about potentially unsafe links and check websites for malware when you’re online.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is used by AVG AntiVirus to recognize malware operating patterns and warning indications on your computer and online. AVG antivirus software runs in the background while your computer is turned on, and when it detects a cyber threat, it notifies you and quarantines infected files so you can’t access them accidently. With just a few clicks, you can delete the files. AVG is not compatible with iOS mobile devices, but it is compatible with Apple laptops, PCs, and Android smartphones.


  • Installation and download are simple.
  • Interface that is simple to use.
  • Minimal influence on computer performance.
  • Anti-malware security that’s second to none, plus a slew of added.

  • Not supported on iPhone.
  • There are no parental controls.
  • Not compatible with Mac.


The first factor that influenced you about AVG is that it consistently ranks #1 in major lab tests ofantivirus software. According to these lab tests, AVG blocked every single attack it detected,including 99 percent of zero-day assaults, which are attacks that are unknown to the user. This iscrucial because your computer may be targeted not by well-known viruses, but by novelapproaches that antivirus software is unaware of. Virus Bulletin likewise gave the company perfect  grades, and it is a proud member of the company’s VB100 roster. AVG is ranked alongside Avast and even ahead of huge names like Kaspersky, Mcafee, and BitDefender.

In the background, the antivirus scanner is always running

The strong antivirus in AVG’s first line of defense against hackers and malware attacks protects you from a number of frequent exploits. The AVG antivirus scanner runs in the background and monitors any changes you make to files and folders, ensuring that nothing goes wrong without your knowledge.

More crucially, Turbo Scans, which disregard directories and files that AVG has already reviewed and remain untouched, can make your scans faster after the first time. If AVG antivirus detects a problem, it reports it to a ThreatLab team, which investigates it and informs the rest of the AVG network.

Ransomware is protected by an enhanced firewall

But, more importantly, AVG is more than simply an antivirus. Additionally, the company offers its Enhanced Firewall, which prevents any suspicious activities or traffic from reaching your computer or device.

AVG defends users from malware, a harmful technique that is becoming more popular every day. Regular scans and an encrypted folder where you may store all of your most sensitive files, images, and other items to ensure that no one can steal them are included in ransomware protection. You can even choose which apps are allowed to modify these files.

Payment Security Watches Scams and Your Email

AVG’s Payments Protection is one last feature that pleased me. The company’s tools scan your email for spam and scams that are used to conceal fraud. If AVG detects that the website you’re visiting and buying on is suspect, it will alert you immediately and assist you in preventing the loss of your personal information and password.


When you initially launched AVG, You were a little perplexed, but the user-friendly design immediately guided you. The main screen of the program contains five enormous cards that inform you how well each section of your PC is secured. These aren’t buttons, but rather indicators of each component’s state. When a scan of a certain sector is completed, these cards are updated. Simply press the button at the bottom of the screen to begin a scan. You may also tailor your scans by determining how frequently they occur, how thorough they are, and whether or not they are automated. Although it would be wonderful if each category could be accessed straight from the large cards on the main screen, you will find that installing and using AVG to be a breeze.


AVG offers two different tiers of support: basic and premium. The company’s basic service provides you with access to the company’s knowledge base, which contains answers to typical problems and questions that other customers have asked. It also has a fantastic community forum where you can directly connect with other users to get answers to questions and share notes on existing issues. You also get access to the company’s toll-free premium help line, as well as a  beneficial live chat, if you’re a Premium subscriber. Although the support staff was well-trained and excellent at answering my issues, I do wish that basic users had access to the same level of help. Despite this, I was able to locate answers to the majority of my queries, and all of the support employees I interacted with were really helpful in resolving my issues. Users can also contact AVG directly via an email ticket form on the company’s website, which is available to both free and premium users. These responses take a few days to arrive, but they frequently contain useful information for resolving any unresolved difficulties.


Other factor you appreciated about AVG is how reasonable their prices are. You may secure as many devices as you want with the company’s Internet Security and Ultimate subscriptions, which saves you money. Additionally, if you simply need AVG’s antivirus protection, you may choose for the free antivirus option, which, despite only protecting one device, is likely the best option. If you use the internet frequently and want extra security, the Internet Security option can be a good fit, as it provides excellent tools for securing your online activity. You’ll pay a little more for AVG if you choose the ultimate plan optimization features as well as access to its premium help line and live chat. Otherwise, most buyers will likely find Internet Security to be the greatest value.


The company’s strong scores on most independent tests, as well as how well it runs without harming your PC, impress you. If you’re looking for a simple-to-use antivirus that won’t break the bank, AVG offers a reliable and powerful antivirus package.

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