About this brand

Milani Cosmetics is a popular brand of color cosmetics designed for women of all races, ages and income levels. The brand launched in 2002 and is family-owned and operated.

Since its launch, Milani has become one of the top-selling brands of color cosmetics available on the mass market. One reason for this is Milani Cosmetics' philosophy of bringing more color options to a wider variety of skin tones. As diversity grows, more women of different nationalities use color cosmetics. These women, who have trouble finding their exact color match with other brands, are Milani's target customers. The brand creates lip, eye, face and nail color products with higher color intensity typically found in more upscale and expensive brands. By offering potent color options, luxurious packaging and high-quality formulas at a lower price point, Milani appeals to a broader audience of varied demographic profiles.

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