About this brand

Since 1925, Lux has been serving women who take pride and pleasure in their beauty. We offer them not just quality beauty soaps at an affordable price but also an unapologetic expression of beauty and femininity, built around pleasure and modern glamour.

While the Lux woman aspires to express her beauty and femininity as she wishes without the need to self-edit, this is far from the reality she faces every day. Instead, she is constantly bombarded with judgements that define how she should live and behave. Everyone has a say in how she should and should not express herself.

At Lux, we believe that a woman’s beauty should be owned by no one but herself. She should be able to express her beauty and femininity as she pleases, unapologetically. Thus the bathing ritual with Lux gives women a powerful moment of self-care that helps nurture her inner strength. This makes women’s beauty an armour, a positive source of strength and power to reclaim her beauty and rise above judgements.

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