About this brand

wet n wild launched in 1979 with lipsticks and nail polishes at 99¢, and the same lipsticks and nail polishes remain the same price today. Hello! Everything has gone up since then: gas, milk, clothes, rent—everything except our lipsticks and nail polishes.

wet n wild’s 666 lip liner has a huge cult-following of makeup artists and celebrities. It has been named the lip liner of choice that matches every skin tone. We are cruelty free, and always have been! We also make it a point to work with cruelty-free, third-party vendors. We are the trusted beauty destination for all beauty lovers, inclusive of all ages, ethnicities, skin colors, and economic statuses.We are super safe: In fact, in a study that tested over 400 lipsticks, wet n wild lipsticks came out on top as the brand with the least (or no) lead content. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics detected no lead in wet n wild lipsticks.

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